Brunch Studio is a CG/2D animation studio based in Paris. The studio works on projects from the gaming, commercials and the feature films industry.

Under the artistic supervision of Jean-Charles Kerninon, co-owner of the studio, and with Clement Lauricella as the lead creative director, Brunch has developed a unique approach towards animation, pushing the boundaries of 2D and CG and creating unique images.

Since 2015, Brunch studio has been co-owned by the renowned production company Eddy and Nightshift Group, an independent company dedicated to creating creative content in Paris and New York.

The support of a large independent group, combined with the creative talents of our directors, make Brunch a true animation powerhouse. 


Brunch Studio

41 Rue de l'Echiquier - 75010 Paris

Fabien Cellier

Head of Production



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