Teamfight Tacticts - Knowledge is Power

Pengu and Choncc are ready to learn an important lesson in their toughest challenge yet… School!

Let your imagination take flight in Teamfight Tactics !


Boddicker (Jean-Charles Kerninon & Clément Lauricella) - Directors



Jean François Bourrel - Executive Producer
Emilie Walmsley - Executive Producer
Jonathan Zahut - Producer

Brunch Studio

Fabien Cellier - Head of Production
Bleuenn Mallat - Line Producer
Tiffanie Gouzon - Production Assistant
Jean-Charles Kerninon - CG Supervisor
Clément Lauricella - Character and Surfacing Supervisor

Chloé Dumoulin - Colorscript Artist
Philippe Guyenne - Storyboard Artist
Roberto Fernandez - Editor
Emilie Chouabe - Assistant Editor
Gabriel Amar - Character Modeler / Texturer
Caroline Collinot - Characters & Sets Texturer
Paul-Eugène Dannaud - Sets & Props Modeler
Raphäel Guez - Props Modeler / Texturer
Pierre Juge - Character & Props Modeler / Texturer
Gaëtan Montaudouin - Sets Modeler
Lucile Thyrard - Sets & Props Texturer
David Vardanian - Character Modeler / Texturer
Flavien Garnier - Rig Supervisor
Luca Amorosi - Rig Artist
Maxime Fleuranceau - Rig Artist
Benjamin Tussiot - Layout Artist
Nicolas Triboult - Layout Artist
Daniel Callaby - Animation Supervisor
Benoît De Geyer D’Orth - Animator
Paul Lavau - Animator

Guillaume Lurati - Animator
Quentin Retif - Animator
Olivier Royer - Animator
Jérémy Reveniaud - 3D FX Artist
Maxime Neaud - 2D FX Artist
David Wegmann-Serin - 2D FX Artist
Maxime Granger - CFX Artist

Sylvain Sarrailh (Umeshu Lovers) - Matte Paintings
Vincent Hochet - Lead Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Paul Goubet - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Mathieu Maurel - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Fabien Meyran - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist

Alexis Prayez - Pipeline & Developer
Radouane Lahmidi - Developer
Arnaud Kandin - IT System Engineer
Ramy Zaouai - IT support
Moussa Traoré - Accountant