Chamber Agent Trailer

The Valorant universe is in for a surprise with Chamber, the latest agent joining the community.

Directed by Andry in our first collaboration with the director, the trailer highlights the badass personality and surreal skills of the newest member, all while staying in the look and style of Valorant. 

Chamber is the epitome of style-forward class, with a hint of weaponry. Meticulously in control of his own personal brand, Chamber and his “ghostfire” aesthetic are here to show players that even Sentinels can be aggressive and take control of the battlefield.


Andry Charles - Director
Jonathan Zahut - Executive Producer


Brunch Studio
Bleuenn Mallat - Line Producer


Léna Séquert & Amandine Lefèvre - Production Managers


Mathieu Maurel - CG Supervisor
Ester Rossi - Background Design Artist
Ivy Buirette - Animatic Editor


Vincent Chambin - Character and Props Modeler
Sébastien Bègue - Character and Props Modeler
Pierre Juge - Character, Props and Set LookDev
Jean-Géraud Blanc - Props Modeler
Lucile Thyrard - Character, Props and Set Texturer
Flavien Garnier - Rig Supervisor
Luca Amorosi - Rig Artist
Michael Raux - Layout Artist
Inès Tchirikhtchian - Layout Artist
Benoît De Geyer D’Orth - Layout Artist
Paul Lavau - Animation Supervisor
Olivier Royer - Animator
Julien Loth - Animator
Guillaume Noue - Animator
Benoît De Geyer D’Orth - Animator
Nicolas Ocipski - 3D FX Artist
Maxime Neaud - 2D FX Artist
Emilie Chouabe - After Effects FX Artist


Vincent Hochet - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Julia Bueno - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Fabien Meyran - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist
Paul-Eugène Danaud - Lighting/Rendering and Compositing Artist