Louis Vuitton

Brunch Studio is proud to announce the release of the animated film ‘On the Beach’, for the new Louis Vuitton perfume by the same name.

The movie was directed by Eddy’s newly signed director Valentin Stoll as part of a global campaign for the release of the fragrance under the direction of LA-based artist Alex Israel.




Client: Louis Vuitton

Art Direction : Alex Israel 

Directed by : Valentin Stoll
Storyboard : Valentin Stoll
Concept design : Leslie Rosique, Emmie Marrière, Romy Yao 
Character Design : Valentin Stoll, Vincent Albert 
Backgrounds : Emmie Marrière, Guitty Mojabi 

Produced by eddy.tv
Producer : Camille Principiano

Animation by Brunch Studio
Production manager : Emilie Revert 
2D Supervisor : Brice Smith 
Production coordinator : Tiffanie Gouzon