Heartbeats - Stella Artois

In a subtle mix of animation and live-action scenes, the 30-second film features the immortal Lenny Kravitz and his captivating hit It Ain't Over Til It's Over.

This creation, by the London agency Mother, is a fine example of an international collaboration carried out simultaneously on several continents. The animation element, produced by Eddy and Blinkink and post-produced by Coffee & TV in both Paris and London, was subsequently animated in Paris by Brunch Studio. And the live-action, shot in the Bahamas with a small team to respect Covid-19 restrictions, was edited in New York by Mark Seliger Studio.

Lenny, starting out on drums, comes to life as he morphs from reality to animated drawing, the drum beats giving way to heartbeats. We travel right into his chest, as his energy and passion take us flying over intimate moments that are being shared between close friends and family. The refined, dynamic composition presents us with a genuine visual dance, a magnificent elaboration of the Stella Artois experience.

Brand: Stella Artois
Campaign: Heartbeat Billionaire
Agency: Mother London

Produced by Blinkink & Eddy

Design and direction by Quentin Baillieux
Animation by Brunch Studio
Live Action by Mark Seliger Studio
Post House: Coffee and TV
Sound: Wave Studios