Ariana Grande - R.E.M. Fragrance

Collaborate reached out to Eddy to produce the animated film for R.E.M, the new fragrance by Ariana Grande.

Olivier created a space odyssey following Ariana rushing to the rescue of her pet friend Toulouse from one side of the universe to the other.

To quote Olivier:  'I'm very excited to work with an artist as talented as Ariana Grande for this animated tribute to sci-fi from the 70's to the present" 



Client: Ariana Grande

Agency: Collaborate UK


Directed by Olivier Lescot

Produced by Eddy

Animated at Brunch Studio


Executive Producer: Camille Principiano

Line Producer: Emilie Revert

Assistant Director: Brice Smith

Production Assistant: Jade Vincent


Storyboard: Olivier Lescot

Character Design: Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Simon Duong, Olivier Lescot

Backgrounds: Fabio Besse, Romy Yao, Anne Raffin


Music & Sound Design: Attention O Chiens (AOC)

Post-Production: Nightshift