No Frills - The Haulerverse

No Frills®, the discount grocer known for its disruptive campaigns in Canada, has done it again with the launch of its first animated feature – The Haulerverse.

Imagined by Olivier Lescot in association with John St agency, No Frills® has brought a new comic universe to life with a 60 second animated feature that follows a team of savvy Haulers in an epic battle to fight frills and rack up those sweet, sweet deals.


Agency :John St.

Produced by: Eddy

Director: Olivier Lescot

Assistant Director : Brice Smith


Executive Producer: Camille Principiano

Line Producer: Jessica Azoulay, Emilie Revert

Post Production: Brunch Studio,Nightshift


Animation Studio: Brunch Studio

Character Design: Chase Conley, Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Background Researches: Meryl Franck,Vajra Pancharia, Lap Pun Cheung, Valentin Scalliet​

Backgrounds: Meryl Frank, Emmie Marrière, Simon Masse, Houzhi Huang, Antoine Vignon, 

Lead Animation: Léni Marotte