J'ai fait la fnac - Nekfeu

Hugo Ramirez developed a rich neon world for the film that celebrates French rapper Nekfeu’s discovery of literature.

Ramirez filmed and assembled footage through a series of shoots that were then developed for a team of artists to rotoscope each frame by hand in watercolour.

The final result is a striking spectacle of colour that marries a distinctive street style with literature from War & Peace to White Fang.

Credit List

Client: Fnac

Directed by: Hugo Ramirez

Executive Producer: Jean-François Bourrel

Production Assistant: Céline Da Cunha-Vanlint

Produced by Eddy

Animated at Brunch Studio

Agency: Marcel

Featuring Nekfeu as himself



Official Selection at Annecy International Animation Film Festival 2016

Special Jury Mention at Supertoon 2017