San Pellegrino

"A romantic dinner of a couple on the shore of Lake Como where gourmet food meets sophistication.

The perfect bubbles of the sublime water compliment the exquisite quality of the food and the preciousness of the moment.

The scene is full of delicacy and pulsating with romance and bonding as the large SP bottle is the witness of the blossoming of their relationship."

Characters Research

They are people from our daily lives that are represented and it should be tasteful and charming. We can find different types of characters as the consumers of SP are very diverse and everybody should be able to relate to them.

It can be a young cool teenager or a NYC hipster sipping on some SP or a sophisticated European at a business lunch dealing big contracts,

drinking S.Pellegrino water to keep his energy high or a fine food enthusiast willing to appreciate the different savors of the gourmet food he

is having in a foodie restaurant. Whoever they are, they are always elegant, brimming with style and modernity !


The CG is in the service of the narrative and gives us the opportunity to create a proper miniature world while we can execute the desired effects: tilt shift/ time lapse in the background, etc.

Artwork by Quentin Baillieux

Credit List

Client : San Pellegrino

Agency: Ogilvy

Directed by: Parallel

Produced by Hornet & Eddy

Executive Producer at Hornet: Michael Feder

Executive Producer at Eddy: Nicolas de Rosanbo

Producers at Hornet: Cathy Kwan & Desiree Stavracos

Producers at Eddy: Angélique Corlj & Marion Bayard

Animated at Brunch Studio