The Division

An exciting new animation film to promote Warlords of New York, The Division 2's first expansion,

a new story destined to the many fans of the Tom Clancy franchise.

Customary to ultra-realistic promos, it’s the first time that Ubisoft decides to communicate in this graphic style.

The direction of the film is stylised yet dynamic, playing with 2D environments, 2.5D characters and CG cameras to make each scene iconic.

Credit List

Client : Ubisoft

Directed by: Olivier Lescot & Boddicker

Character design: Olivier Lescot

Executive Producer: Emilie Walmsley

Line Producer: Fabien Cellier

Produced by Eddy

Animated at Brunch Studio

Sound Studio: AOC - Attention O Chiens

Post Production: Nightshift

Making Of